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Percussion Massager


Get fast relief from pain and relax muscles with a real deep massage.

Are you suffering from aching muscles and painful knots and in need of easy, dependable relief?

This rechargeable percussion massager penetrates deeply and powerfully at up to 2,800 rpm using four essential attachments.

Bottom Line

It's a compact yet powerful percussion massager that works, with the essential attachments for easy relief.

★Comes with Bounce Pep's 60-day replacement warranty.

Questions & Answers

Q:  Is this massager noisy?
A:  It is audible when running but not especially noisy. For example, you probably would not need to turn up the volume on your television while using this massager.

Q:  How is this different than a vibrating massage roller?
A:  It provides more of a punching sensation to your muscles due to its longer stroke and is used to pinpoint a particular spot on your body. On the other hand, a vibrating massage roller, while capable of hitting a precise point, disperses the massaging sensation across a wider surface area of your body.

Q:  Can I reach my back with this?
A:  The best way to reach your back using any percussion massager or massage gun is to have someone else operate the device while you relax in a comfortable position.



 Operating Mode Percussion Intensity
Level 1 (press button 1 time) Soft (slowest)
Level 2 (press button 2 times) Moderate (medium)
Level 3 (press button 3 times) Hard (fastest)

Height (without head): 4 1/3 in | 11 cm
Width: 5 1/2 in | 14 cm
Thickness: 2 in | 5 1/4 cm
Weight: 15.7 oz. | 446 g
Material: Plastic, metal, rubber, electronic components
Includes: Massager, 4 massage heads, USB type-C charging cable

Shipping Notes

Normal delivery time is 1~2 weeks, but it may take a few days longer if inventory is low.

User's Manual

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