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Meet Mark Johnson

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, and now a long-time resident of Japan, I know what it is to be a fish out of water and thrive despite challenges. I want you to know that you can be different and do something outside of the norm. If you want to live a unique life, it's within your power. 

I've worked in government and in the corporate world. I've been a real estate investor and residential landlord with multiple properties. I've been an entrepreneur and an expatriate. In fact, I had experienced all of that by the time I was 30 years old.

I'm 5 feet 6 inches tall with scoliosis. Soon after turning forty-five, I decided to get serious about fitness for the first time in my life through weight training. I made it my mission to transform myself and transcend expectations of who I was. Along the way, I discovered that I was inspiring other people to get in shape, and I was uncovering principles and frameworks while training that had undeniable applications to success in life.

People who were fitness enthusiasts and already accomplished in their own right would ask me questions about how to elevate their lives outside of the gym. It reminded me that successful people don't always feel fulfilled. And I realized that I had experiences and a perspective that were unique and valuable to others, and they wanted me to share them.

I founded Bounce Pep to provide guidance and coaching programs that help ambitious, accomplished people who are into fitness clarify their purpose, sharpen their focus, and follow through with actions to live a flourishing life, whatever that is for them. We pride ourselves on teaching people how to apply the lessons from working out to create success in other endeavors.