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Refund Policy


This refund policy applies unless a particular product page specifies a different refund policy for that product.

In most cases, we encourage replacement of a product instead of a refund, so you get the benefits and experience of using the item you ordered, which is why we provide a lengthy 60-day warranty. If an item fails within 60 days after the delivery date, we offer (1) free replacement of the item or (2) a store credit equal to the original purchase amount of the item. Please note that an item can only be replaced free of charge one time. Store credit may be issued in the form of a gift card.

A refund is available for 10 days after the date of delivery only for items that are defective upon delivery. If a product has been used and fails within 60 days of the delivery date, free replacement or a store credit will be offered as explained above. Please read below about different cases, because refunds are not available in every case. However, we strive to provide a fair and hassle-free resolution in every case.

Bonus gifts, which Bounce Pep adds for certain purchases and promotions at no charge to the customer, are not eligible for refunds or replacements and are not covered by any warranty.

If Defective

When you receive your order, please inspect it and notify us immediately if it is defective. To reduce the undesirable carbon footprint of having an item returned to us, and to mitigate the inconvenience to you, we typically do not require you to ship a defective product back to us. In most cases, you only need to do both of the following:

(1) Explain what is wrong.
(2) If we request for further confirmation, provide some photo(s) of the item or a brief video of the item if photos cannot prove how the item is defective.

Once you complete the above procedure, we will promptly refund your money in full through your original payment method. Instead of returning the item, you can recycle it, donate it, or otherwise dispose of it at your own discretion.

Please remember it can take several weeks for your bank or credit card company to process and post the refund.

We reserve the discretion to deny a refund if we have reason to believe there was tampering or improper use of the item by the customer that caused damage or malfunction.

Furthermore, if you still wish to ship the item(s) back to us, please note that the customer pays for all return shipping charges, including the packaging, and must provide us with a tracking number. We are not liable for the return shipment, and the customer is responsible for retaining tracking information and proof of postage. If during transit the shipment gets damaged, lost or stolen, then the customer is responsible for resolving the problem with the shipper.

If Never Delivered

If your order got lost in transit or otherwise never arrived to your knowledge, please contact us so we can verify the status of shipping. Sometimes the order is undeliverable because of an improper or non-existent shipping address. If we confirm the product was lost or stolen in transit, or otherwise undeliverable, then you can (1) have the order reshipped or (2) receive a refund equal to the purchase price.

We do not offer to refund or resend an order if the tracking information shows that the order was delivered.

If Purchased Wrong Model

We do not offer to refund or resend an order if you mistakenly purchased the wrong model.

If Received Wrong Model

If you received the wrong model, please contact us and we will confirm the model ordered against the model shipped. If we verify the wrong model was shipped, you can choose to (1) have the correct model reshipped free of charge or (2) receive a refund equal to the purchase price. If we require you return the originally shipped item back to us, we will cover the cost of the return shipment and provide a shipping label to ensure your experience is smooth.

If Change of Mind (i.e., Order Cancellation)

You have 24 hours from the date and time of placing an order to cancel it and receive a refund of the purchase price.

You can always contact us with any questions about refunds, replacements, or returns at sales_cs@bouncepep.com.