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Spending Energy Creates Energy

The third maxim in Be The Total Package is all about energy. Too many people are lacking in it, while some people have an abundance of it.

Whatever type of energy you have, it creates momentum, either positive or negative. In other words, it feeds on itself and produces more of the same. The big question is: in which direction?

Perpetual weariness can’t be hidden because it pretty much goes hand in hand with looking terrible. It makes it hard to smile and even harder to live. I have concluded that people who accept it believe, somewhere deep down, that it’s what they deserve. With no one nearby telling them otherwise, they may even think it’s normal.

The good news is that feeling tired all the time is a choice, which means another, better option is always available. So what are you willing to accept?

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Be The Total Package eBook – Bounce Pep 

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