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Be The Total Package eBook


Learn how to finally commit to staying in great shape

*Available in EPUB, MOBI, and PDF formats.

If you are highly accomplished or otherwise aspire to be so but struggle with committing to working out, Be The Total Package speaks frankly and persuasively to you. It breaks through the misconceptions and mental roadblocks that keep you out of shape and creaky. Being average is unthinkable! 

Mark is not letting you off the hook for letting yourself go. 

As the founder of Bounce Pep, he challenges you to examine your thinking about yourself and fitness so you can change your behavior. It's not about the mundane, technical details of working out. The reasons a person neglects their fitness are typically all inside their head.

Mark reveals what the five parts of being the total package are and then focuses on the first, which is your health in general and your physical fitness in particular. The central idea of the book is that your ideas about yourself and what you deserve either propel you to stay in good shape or they sabotage any efforts to do so. As you read through each of the eight maxims, he really wants you to think about what you think.

In addition to sharing some stories from his experiences, he provides supportive facts and figures. Furthermore, he gives you mental frameworks you can easily understand and apply immediately to jumpstart your commitment to staying fit.

Hear what people who are inspired by this book say.


Be The Total Package gives 8 maxims you can apply now to build fitness habits without fail and be your best ever.


As a Bonus!

You'll be rewarded with an honorary membership in the Bounce Pep Society, with complimentary access to Pep Talk and the Bounce Pep Dictionary Newsletter.