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Don’t Get Robbed of Time

Being helpful and compassionate to others is honorable. Just don’t neglect to set some boundaries around your time.

I talk and write often about how precious time is because I observe so many people letting it escape their grasp. No one of us lives forever, wish as we may. The pharaohs of Kemet buried treasures and beloved items in their tombs, believing it would all go with them to the eternal afterlife, only to have tomb raiders come along and rob them blind.

So don’t kid yourself. Your time is a finite resource, so don’t get robbed of all you have.

My tax accountant emailed me recently in distress because he’s overworked. He’s not a young man anymore, and it’s bothering him how much his time is being eaten up by everyone else. He expected to be hitting a more relaxed stride at this stage of his life, but he feels nothing but pressure to hit the gas pedal instead.

I emailed him back with an elegant solution: start saying "not now" and "no" more often.

The job, family, friends, and errands—not to mention unproductive distractions—can easily command large chunks of your time. But what about time for you to level yourself up so you can really live life?

Your time is invaluable, and you deserve to have some for yourself. But in order to have it, you need to take it. You can’t always attend to everyone else’s interests and problems, which they often create. Before you know it, you’ll be burned out on matters that you should not have taken on in the first place.

Remember that YES is nice, but sometimes NO is necessary. Be diplomatic about it, but keep some time to attend to yourself.

Sayonara until next time.

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