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Good Posture Is Good Policy

I want to send a message to all the men out there. And ladies, I hope you back me up on this.

Over the years, I have observed that a lot of guys are oblivious to how poor their posture is. At least half the grown men I see have unflattering posture, and it often starts during childhood.

I was fortunate because my father, Bill Johnson, would not allow me to have poor posture. If I was ever caught slumping, I would be ordered to stand up straight and take my hands out of my pockets. My father demanded that I carry myself with some dignity.

So, my message to the men today is: make it your policy to maintain good posture. Take a look at your gait in the mirror and ask yourself if there’s room for improvement. If so, work on standing with your back straight and shoulders up, and eliminate any lazy-looking bend in your knees.

Make it your policy to maintain good posture because it means something. Keeping good posture sends a message to yourself that you’re a man with a purpose. And if you don’t already have a purpose, you’ll start to sense the need to find one.

Strength training with useful tools is a great way to improve your posture. Bounce Pep provides compact tools you can use when working out. Our product suites, in particular, give you sets of tools to enhance and level up your workout experience.

A man with a mission should stand as such and walk with purpose. His gaze is aimed ahead and not fixed on the ground below. That man is supposed to be you.

Sayonara until next time.

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