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Flexibility Feels Great!

My daughter Julia is 10 years old and into ballet. Every year in November, her class holds a ballet recital, which happened last weekend this year. Some recitals are better than others, and some years there are more slips and falls than in others. But if there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that the ballerinas are almost all stupendously flexible.

I’ve never been a dancer, and I’m nowhere near as flexible as my daughter, but I do work on it regularly. Every morning after I take a shower, I go into my living room and do some stretches. It’s usually only for a few minutes, but being lithe feels a lot better than being creaky, so I don’t leave the house before completing my stretching ritual.

So, how about you? Try to do something each day to maintain your flexibility. Just don’t let your body get creaky and squeaky.

Flexibility enhances your mobility, so do some stretches every day and never work out without warming up. Keep your body flexible so you can move when you want to move and go where you want to go. It only takes a little effort.

If you’re going to work out, do some stretches and warmups at the beginning. The point is to increase your range of motion by stretching out your muscles before you put a heavy load on them. You’ll want to put a little more focus on your lower body, from the waist downward, if you’re primarily concerned with increasing mobility. But if you’re going to be working out your upper body, be sure to adequately stretch out your back, shoulders, neck, and arms as well.

Be smart. Ensure that mobility and safety are not afterthoughts in your workout. Haphazardly rushing into high-intensity exercise or heavy lifting with no preparation can cause injury and lead to a world of pain and frustration. It’s better to start out flexible and warm. So slow down a little and lay the groundwork.

Little efforts and considerations every day make you your best.

Sayonara until next time.

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