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Why Doing What Others Don’t and Won’t Do Is a Winning Formula

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: to be the total package, you must do what other people don’t and won’t do. Doing what the crowd does won’t make you an impressive person. If you don’t care about being impressive, then you can stop reading now. Otherwise, this week’s Pep Talk is intended to reinvigorate your commitment to leveling yourself up.

No one can force you to exercise regularly and vigorously. You may have someone who pushes you in some way, but the decision to follow through is your own. So, how are you able to pull yourself up off the couch and move when so many others find themselves stuck there? It’s because you know in your soul that you deserve more out of life, even if you’re too humble to verbalize the thought. You’re supposed to be your most energetic, healthy, attractive, and mentally sharp self, and you can’t accept being otherwise.

Those expectations put you in the minority. They generate impulses to be the kind of person who gets it done. Lifting those heavy weights, biking all those miles, and eating more nutritiously don’t just happen. You decide to accept the challenge and manifest better outcomes. Most people want no part of it, and it’s no wonder that so many of them are in poor shape, sickly, or both.

Broadly speaking, most will passively accept what life gives them due to their expectations. This is an observation, not a criticism. They don’t believe achieving substantially more is in the cards for them, and the exceptional outcomes of a high achiever seem like an impossible dream. Even if they’re dissatisfied with where they are, the courage and ambition to reimagine and reinvent themselves just aren’t there. It requires shifts in mindset and behavior, for which they’re not willing to face the discomfort.

If you’re keeping yourself in great shape, whatever your reasons are, keep doing so. But don’t limit your aspirations to your health and fitness. Apply this winning formula elsewhere in your life. If there’s some higher or deeper level you want to reach, do the things most people don’t and won’t do.

Sayonara until next time.


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