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The Formula For Momentum

People who are unaccustomed to exercising can struggle to get started and keep it up. It’s not because exercising is too hard but rather because sedentary habits can be difficult to break. More so than a physical problem, it’s a mental issue. Lazy impulses infest the mind and easily overwhelm any impulse to be more active if the person is not seriously committed to getting in better shape.

From the get-go, it requires an understanding of momentum and its importance to overcome this challenge. It has a formula, in fact. P is momentum, m is motion, v is velocity, and p=mv. So, motion multiplied by velocity equals momentum.

The same formula must be applied for you to stay in shape, and the key to the equation is that there can be no velocity unless something is moving. If you want to get in shape, then, you must get off your butt and move (i.e., motion) your body frequently (i.e., velocity) enough to build fitness habits (i.e., momentum). You can think of a habit thus formed as momentum manifested.

Frequency is vital if you’re serious about your fitness. Working out once a week or sporadically isn’t going to cut it. You have to do it more frequently and with more consistency. And you can’t allow lazy habits to reassert themselves because sedentariness has negative velocity and will undermine any positive momentum you’ve built.

So, now that you know the formula, be sure you’re always building positive momentum for your fitness. Stick with it, and favorable results are bound to follow.

Sayonara until next time.

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