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Appreciate the Struggle

Is it better to be comfortable or uncomfortable?

It depends. There are appropriate times for both, but let me first clarify what I mean by discomfort. It is not physical pain or strain so severe as to risk injury. Discomfort should not be dangerous, and I don’t advocate anyone pushing themselves to the point of injury. So, let’s think of discomfort more as the experience of struggling.

Comfort is the absence or relief of inconvenience, hardship, pain, or feelings of awkwardness. We all like to be comfortable, and there are times when it is both called for and deserved.

You should be comfortable when you’re relaxing in your own home or eating a nice meal. When traveling, a comfortable journey and nice amenities make the experience all the better. If you’re on a date with someone, you certainly want the time to be comfortable for both of you.

But there’s a flipside. It turns out that stagnation often comes disguised as comfort. Too much comfort in the wrong setting can lull you into complacency, so you need to be mindful of becoming a bit too comfortable.

At no time is this more true than when you work out. That’s when a little struggle is a good thing, as feeling some discomfort ensures your mind and body are being challenged. If it always feels easy, it means you’re leaving too much in the tank and robbing yourself of the opportunity to overcome mental and physical hurdles.

Anytime you persevere through discomfort and cross the finish line, it’s a victory for you. And every victory validates your competence, which builds your confidence. So, appreciate the struggle when you work out because you’ll be better for it.

Sayonara until next time.

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