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For the High Achievers

Be The Total Package is my new book, and it’s now available for download at the homepage of bouncepep.com. To be blunt, if you’re happy being average, it’s not the book for you. It speaks directly to high achievers who know they must get in better shape but have trouble committing to it and building the necessary habits.

If you know your life is missing something despite your success, that’s your intuition whispering to you. Having an impressive title, wealth, or an advanced education doesn’t mean you’ve fulfilled your promise. Those accomplishments are not enough for you to be the total package. In the book, I reveal the elements that comprise being the total package and explain the role your fitness plays. While a strong desire is required for you to get in shape, your mindset and reasons will make or break your efforts.

Be The Total Package provides 8 maxims to fortify your mindset while identifying several self-sabotaging ideas and behaviors that can keep you from getting fit. Your desire to be healthy, strong, and bursting with energy is all well and good. But desire has to align with identity first. I break that principle down for you and reveal many other insights to help you overcome misconceptions and mental roadblocks to getting yourself in better shape.

Knowledge is power, so download your own copy of Be The Total Package to get the full picture. I want to share these maxims with as many other high achievers as I can. As a bonus, you’ll be awarded an honorary membership in the Bounce Pep Society. Go and get it!

Be The Total Package eBook – Bounce Pep

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