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3-Day VIP Focus & Follow-through Retreat

259,200 priceless seconds, just 3 days, to refocus your life and time on what is most important

Join Mark Johnson for a one-of-a-kind opportunity to fine-tune your focus while basking in the mystique of the legendary city of Kyoto, Japan, where the setting itself is a spark towards your personal transformation.

This 3-day VIP retreat is a personal development program to help high achievers who are also into fitness sharpen their focus on hitting goals outside the gym to live an impactful life.

Are you struggling with any of the following issues?
Being outwardly successful but somehow still not thriving
Feeling a bit adrift or having a sense that your focus has waned
Searching for a greater calling to fulfill in your life

Overwhelmed by too much information and too little clarity

A change for the better begins with a change of environment and energy. Your experience begins when you arrive at Kansai International Airport. From there, you will be chauffeured to your accommodations for the next 4 nights and the venue of the program.

As someone who prefers to collapse time frames, you will get all the principles and frameworks you need from this retreat in 2 days. The third day is an exclusive day-long excursion to experience the allure of Kyoto.

During this VIP retreat, Mark Johnson will work with you in person, either one-on-one or in a very small group, to ensure personalized attention to your interests and needs. There will also be access to a private training gym where certain principles can be demonstrated, and you can enjoy the opportunity to apply them in real time.

While valuable principles and frameworks have already been curated to provide some structure, this is not a program where you sit still and listen to someone talk for hours at a time. This is a collaboration where Mark poses the right questions for you to discover insights that bring clarity.

To ensure a hassle-free experience, your accommodations, breakfasts, lunches, and dinners are included. Transportation for excursions with Mark and team members is also included.

Wants the best so they can be their best.
Is dedicated to staying in shape by working out in some way.
Considers their time to be by far their most valuable resource. 
 Is a successful owner, executive, or creative and wants to impact the world.
Has freedom to do whatever they want but lacks a sense of personal fulfillment.
Wants to live with a clear purpose and focus for their energy and abilities.
Wants to be accountable for making progress on the important things.
Has an adventurous spirit and loves to learn.

On Day One:

Clarify Your Purpose
Purpose is the foundation of focus and the key to following through.

Start with some questions to understand what you believe your place in the world is. This is where you discover voids, motivations, and anxieties to clarify what your calling is and what kind of impact you want to have. It is the fundamental first step in becoming the more focused person you want to be. 

Define Your Standards
Being clear about your standards creates a positive domino effect.

Understand why you must define your standards before setting any goals. This is about how you want to show up every day because lowly standards will always sabotage lofty goals. As such, we'll clarify your ideals, and then you'll decide on standards of conduct that demonstrate those ideals. 

On Day Two:

Set Actionable Goals
"It's possible" is abstract. "It's doable" is concrete and immediate.

Set specific, actionable goals tied to your purpose and consistent with your standards. We'll break broad or abstract goals down into milestones that are more concrete, immediate, and trackable. Then we'll establish timelines and deadlines where needed.

Set Your Priorities
Prioritize activities that move the needle.

In this modern, interconnected world, distractions are everywhere and highly seductive. To get you laser-focused on doing the things that matter, we identify and relegate competing interests and do a priority check to uncover where all your time is going.

On Day Three:

Celebrate and anticipate all that is to come.
Immerse yourself in the energy and allure of Kyoto.

Experience a private guided tour in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan. This excursion is a fitting reward for your commitment and an opportunity to be charmed before you leave the country. This retreat is not only about what you get; it's about how you feel. Simply being in Kyoto will inspire you to pursue progress and make new discoveries about yourself after you return home.

After the retreat:

Follow through and start checking off milestones.
Receive 3 months of remote follow-up sessions.

The week after your VIP retreat, we begin periodic follow-up sessions to review your progress. This is about accountability and encouraging you to keep following through and hitting your milestones. We'll also delve into any lessons learned or discoveries made and recalibrate, if necessary, to ensure sustained progress toward achieving the goals you set. This is a $5,000 value at no additional cost to you.


Creature Comforts, Perks, and Pleasures:

★Chauffeured transport for direct access from Kansai International Airport.

★Chic accommodations primely located next to Kyoto Station.

★Sublime dining experiences (breakfasts, lunches, and dinners) are included.

★Privately guided, curated excursion to iconic sites in Kyoto.

★Interpreting is provided as needed during your excursion.

★Therapeutic body massage and facial treatment for your rejuvenation.

★Access to a private gym and spa for your fitness and health.

★Your choice of complimentary personal fitness accessories from our lineup.



This 3-day VIP retreat is offered the second Thursday through Sunday of every month. If slots are already full on your preferred date, please inquire about open slots on another listed date. Upcoming dates are as follow.


May 9~12 (Reservations Closed)

June 13~16 (Reservations Closed)

July 11~14

August 8~11

September 12~15

October 10~13

November 14~17

December 12~15


January 9~12

February 13~16

March 13~16