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Thick Grips


Engage your forearms more to build better grip strength.

The experienced lifter who needs to increase grip strength or add variation to staple exercises will appreciate these.

Non-slip silicone tubes increase your grip circumference, requiring greater forearm activation and wrist control.

Bottom Line

This pair of non-slip thick grips fit snugly on most barbells and dumbbells to really activate your forearms and add some variation to your training.

★Comes with Bounce Pep's 60-day replacement warranty.

Questions & Answers

Q:  What bar diameter can these grips fit around?
A:  These grips will fit bar diameters from 25 to 30 mm.

Q:  Will these grips completely close around any bar?
A:  No. Typically, they fit quite tightly around the bar and do not completely close. However, there is no impediment if you simply rotate them so that your palms grasp the unopen side. The friction from the tight fit is precisely what keeps them from sliding around. Conversely, if they close completely around the bar, it indicates a risk of a loose fit. 


Height: 4 in | 10 cm
Width:  2 in | 5 cm
Inner diameter: 1 in | 24 mm
Weight (per pair): 10.6 oz. | 300 g
Material: Silicone
Includes: 2 Grips

Shipping Notes

Normal delivery time is 1~2 weeks, but it may take a few days longer if inventory is low.

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