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Dip Belt


Overcome the limitation of your own body weight.

The muscle builder seeking to overcome a plateau and keep getting stronger needs one of these.

The sturdy carabiners and chain hold plenty of weight and the belt fits comfortably across your lower back.

Bottom Line

You get a comfortable dip belt to push past your own body weight for heavier dips and pullups.

★Comes with Bounce Pep's 60-day replacement warranty.

Questions & Answers

Q:  How much weight can I attach to this belt?
A:  Although it is rated for 136 kg (300 lb), for reliable long-term use, approximately 68 kg (150 lb) is the maximum amount of weight we recommend hanging from this belt. For the vast majority of people, that is more than enough additional weight.

Q:  How do I tighten the belt and suspend weights from it?
A:  Use the chain to both tighten the belt around your waste and suspend weights from it. Start by leaving one end of the chain attached to either of the carabiners and place the belt around your waist. Then tighten the belt to your liking and secure it by tethering the appropriate link of the chain to the other carabiner. That will keep the belt in place, and one end of the chain will still be hanging down untethered to anything. Then you can suspend weights from the untethered end of the chain. Finally, link the untethered end of the chain to the carabiner on the other side. The weights should hang between your thighs.


Belt length: 30 3/4 in | 78 cm
Belt width: 6 7/8 in | 17 1/2 cm
Belt thickness: 1/4 in | 7 mm
Chain length: 28 in | 71 cm
Weight: 14.1 oz | 400 g
Material: Nylon, steel
Includes: Belt, 2 Clips, Chain

Shipping Notes

Normal delivery time is 1~2 weeks, but it may take a few days longer if inventory is low.


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