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Auto Protein Shake Bottle


Reliably blend smooth protein shakes in 30 seconds.

This is for the dedicated gym goer who needs smooth protein shakes to build and maintain muscle.

The motor blends water and protein powder at a speed of 11,000 RPM, which is much faster and more powerful than shaking by hand.

Bottom Line

This automatic blender quickly delivers protein shakes without lumps.

Just choose battery-powered or USB rechargeable type.

★Comes with Bounce Pep's 60-day replacement warranty.

    Questions & Answers

    Q:  Should I add all of the protein powder and water first and then turn on the motor?
    No. Please add water only and then turn on the motor. Next, gradually pour in your protein powder to ensure it mixes smoothly. Pay attention to how well it's blending and be sure not add to much powder all at once. (Please watch the video demonstration.)

    Q:  With only one button, isn't functionality limited? 
    A:  The 1-button design is for no-fuss operation. There is no need to select modes or adjust settings, which saves you time. It's designed specifically for mixing protein shakes.

    Q:  Is the shake bottle dependable and sturdy?
    A:  Yes. The simple design and single purpose naturally means there are fewer things that can go wrong. Hence, better product reliability.

    Q:  Is it really that easy to take anywhere?
    A:  Yes. There are no complex or bulky attachments that make it hard to carry or store away.

    Q:  Is it easy to clean?
    A:  Yes. The shake bottle mostly washes itself. Just add dish soap and water and press the button. Then rinse and dry it.

    Q:  Can I use this shake bottle as an all-purpose mixer?
    A:  No. This product is not suitable for mixing ice, fruit, or any solid substance. Please use it only for mixing liquids and powdery substances.


    Height (motor attached): 9 1/16 in | 23 cm
    Height (motor detached): 8 1/16 in | 20.5 cm
    Width (at top): 3 1/3 in | 8.5 cm
    Width (at base): 2 1/5 in | 6.4 cm
    Capacity: 20 oz | 600 ml
    Weight: 13.1 oz | 370 g
    Motor speed: Max. 11,000 RPM
    Batteries required: 2 x AAA (For battery-powered model only. Please purchase separately.)
    Material: AS, PP, 304 stainless steel
    Includes: Motorized base, Bottle, Lid, C-type USB charger (optional)

      Shipping Notes

      Normal delivery time is 1~2 weeks, but it may take a few days longer if inventory is low.

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