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You Do You

Search the internet, visit a bookstore, or talk to personal trainers and you will find no shortage of opinions on proper training techniques, frequency, and intensity. A lot of the advice is well researched and valid. It can improve your knowledge of anatomy, nutrition, and muscle mechanics and help you avoid injuries.

Just understand that your thresholds and limits for pain, fatigue, mental exhaustion, flexibility, recovery, eating, and so on are particular to you. You might hear there is one optimal way to do things based on scientific evidence or some other proclaimed benchmark, but what matters is what works for you.

If you’re resilient, there’s a good chance your thresholds will increase over time. As you gain experience working out, pay attention to your mind and body. Gauge what your thresholds and limits are. There may be someone next to you with a similar body type who is handling similar weight, yet you may be able to consistently do more reps than them. Or it could be that your body requires rest every other day, whereas your buddy is in the gym for 6 days per week.

There's no such thing as an optimal regimen that works equally well for every person. You do you, and they do them. Find your thresholds and keep building them higher.

Sayonara until next time.

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