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Like the Great Sphinx, some things are meant to last forever. But there are other things that clearly need to be retired or upgraded.

It’s fascinating how some people hit a plateau early on that they never overcome. This is not meant to ridicule anyone, but we’ve all seen the forty-year-old man who dresses every day the same as when he was seventeen. There are middle-aged and even senior people who’ve barely, if ever, traveled beyond the borders of their state or province. Some of us know people who haven’t read a single book in years. These people get stuck for decades in a certain time, place, or frame of mind.

Don’t let it be you. Stagnation is one of the big challenges of life, and especially so once your youth is behind you. It’s important to pursue a new level and a next version of yourself. Think about things you can do to upgrade yourself and then do them.

You want to look and feel better? Then get yourself in shape. Be mindful of what and how much you eat and drink.

You want to get better at conversation? Then spend some money on books and read. Put yourself in the company of smart people and be a good listener.

You want to be more disciplined? Then put down the TV remote. Rethink the ways you spend your time.

There are many other opportunities to become better versions of ourselves. No matter how great we think we are, none of us are the Great Sphinx. Find some stagnant aspect of yourself that you’ve allowed to fester and upgrade it.

Sayonara until next time.

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