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Albert Einstein’s special theory of relativity introduced the concept of time dilation. The gist is that Person A, moving through space at a faster speed than Person B, will experience a slower, or shorter, lapse of time than Person B does. For instance, a time lapse of 15 minutes for Person B might be experienced as only 10 minutes by Person A. It all depends on how fast they’re moving relative to one another. In fact, the phenomenon of time dilation has been verified through experiments to be real.

And it’s not just weird physics. The same phenomenon applies in a real way to your health as well. Whether you are proactive or passive regarding your health outcomes, it will correlate to your fitness age. Physically moving more and faster than others will slow the passage of time in relation to your health. You and your cousin could both be 50 years old chronologically. But, if your cousin is a couch potato, whereas you're in the habit of exercising regularly, then your fitness age will be different. Your cousin might appear and feel 61, while you appear and feel 38. All else being equal, you’ll live peppier and longer.

Remember, it’s all relative, and that’s where your advantage lies. So many people have sedentary lifestyles that the bar for overperforming is quite low. If you’re exercising energetically for a mere 30 minutes several days a week, you’re ahead of the pack. While others are distracted, passive, and lackadaisical, you’ll look and feel young, stay sharp mentally, and gain that most precious of riches: time.

Sayonara until next time.

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