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No Exercise Is A Good Thing?

This is going to be a rant, but it needs to be expressed. Like most people, I have nothing against dieting. It’s good if someone commits to a diet so they can eat more healthily and perhaps lose some weight. My question is, why does dieting have something against exercise? 

There are some dieting promotions out there that send a damaging message to people, many of whom are in terrible shape. We’ve all seen them before. "Lose weight fast with no exercise!" "Proven diet for weight loss without exercising!" 

Huh? No legitimate physician, trainer, or nutritionist will promote “no exercise” as healthy. 

Beware of promotions that claim up is down and down is up. If a diet can help people lose weight, that’s great. But in promoting a diet, there’s no reason to dismiss exercise as an unnecessary nuisance. No one benefits from not exercising, and "no exercise" is actually bad for us. 

Here’s an idea: how about we all do a better job at healthy eating AND exercising? 

Sayonara until next time.

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