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Keeping yourself in shape requires mindset and movement. Mindset comes first, but results won’t come until you start moving. Movement is essential to achieve any fitness goals you have. Movement is a principle, one that also applies to the achievement of all your aspirations.

Move towards your aspirations in the same way that plants do. Plants aspire to obtain sunlight, and each day when the sun comes out, they physically move, or bend, towards it. This movement, called phototropism, overcomes the force of gravity to produce the plant growth we see in nature. In the same way, moving will generate momentum for you to defy the gravitational pull towards mediocrity and grow in the direction of your aspirations.

You can and should gather information and weigh your options, but do not ceaselessly ponder, doubt, and procrastinate. Instead, train your mind to resist the idea of Can’t and its close cousin Too. You’ll only become invested in your own stagnation. Can’t afford it. Can’t make time. Too uncomfortable. Too complicated. These are the kinds of beliefs that only zap your impulse to move. They reveal what your paradigm is: you’re not good enough.

You cannot know everything ahead of time, no matter how much research you do. You must choose a path and get moving. You’ll gain insights and learn lessons as you move. Some of what you believed to be true at the outset will prove to be false or inapplicable to your circumstances, and you will need to correct course. That is part of the learning curve. But learning is never a loss, so choose to move and improve.

Sayonara until next time.

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