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Observe any gym and you’ll notice the diversity of behavior. Some go to get some moderate cardio in and maintain generally good health. Others go mainly to socialize, and you’ll see them talking at least as much as they’re moving. Meanwhile, some people are seriously trying to build strength and muscle.

The rarest kind might be the people who are there to compete against themselves. You can tell because they log the details of every exercise they’re doing. They’ve either got a notepad and pencil or they’re logging everything in their smartphone. Either way, they’re doing what most people don’t bother to do.

Logging your workout has real value. It’s great when you can review all the notes you took and look back in time at where you started and how far you’ve progressed. When you have that competitive spirit, the urge to outdo what you did last time is powerful. If that sounds like you but you’re not logging your workouts, give it a shot. Log the number of reps, amount of weight, grip direction, duration, or any other metrics you have. You’re not going to break a record at every workout, but over time, you’ll see a steady progression that keeps the fire inside you burning.

Sayonara until next time.

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