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In a World of Instant Everything, Persistence and Patience are Still Virtues

Much respect to you if you’re putting in the work to get in shape. Most people either never start or don’t stick with it. I know it’s not always comfortable, and progress can seem slow, but embracing that journey sets you apart from the majority.

It seems everyone is selling something that promises instant results, and the appeal of the promises is understandable. After all, to most people, now is more valuable than later. Why waste your time on the journey if there’s a wormhole through space that will deliver you to the destination now, right? The problem is that not everything works that way. Like it or not, some things, like your health and fitness, require you to commit, persist, and be patient.

Persistence and patience are still virtues, even in 2023, when we expect light-speed delivery of everything and when students are using AI to spit out term papers and dissertations at the click of a button. There are no such shortcuts at the gym. There, you have to put in the reps and give them time to work. I know that there are all kinds of pills, powders, and elixirs you can buy that promise insane results, but none of those things come close to being as effective as putting in the reps.

The effects of what you do today may not become visible until weeks or months later, and that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Keep working at it and remain patient. You need something in your life to remind you that not everything worthwhile can be instant and effortless. There are some things you must do the good old-fashioned way, and training is one of them.

Being patient is not to be confused with being passive. It doesn’t mean not executing. To the contrary, when it comes to taking action, you should be impatient. Do right now the things that will move the needle in the right direction for your fitness. The effort you put in today is a leading indicator of a more attractive self and a better quality of life ahead. Just remember that patience is required to reap the harvest.

Sayonara until next time.

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