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I want to commend all the people who put in the work to stay fit and don’t go out of their way to court attention for it. They’re not inclined to preen, prance, and pose—what I call the Three Ps—but they look good in subtle ways that cannot be missed.

You may know someone like that who’s modest about being in great shape. Although you can see it in their stance, silhouette, and stride, they neither flaunt it nor crave compliments. They’re someone who’s impressive but doesn’t try to impress.

Hopefully, you’re that person. You own your identity, meaning you’re aware of who and what you are and are not. You know that certain thoughts, tendencies, and habits are required to be who you are, while others are unbecoming. Then you behave with intent to validate that awareness.

If so, then keep being who you are because that makes you impressive.

Sayonara until next time.

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