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Beyond Surface Level: How to Offer More than Just the Façade of Excellence

Training is substantive. It’s all about sustaining effort over time to produce real results. So when we see someone who’s a physical specimen, we find it impressive because we know it’s not merely a façade. The occasional hater might make a snide comment, but even they understand that weights don’t lift themselves.

So today’s Pep Talk is about substance and facades. Substance is the essential nature of something, whereas a façade gives the impression of authenticity despite there being none. A typical facade we see is people driving expensive automobiles. There’s nothing inherently wrong with having an expensive car, but when the person has little savings and can barely pay their bills, it’s a deception. The truth is that they’re managing their money poorly and struggling to make ends meet. Faking it prevents them from making it.

Of course, substance can’t be faked forever, and illusions are exposed upon scrutiny. You’ve probably noticed people who dress in designer outfits frequently, ostensibly to be more physically attractive. Again, there’s nothing inherently wrong with wearing designer clothes. But a lot of people who believe they look great in fancy clothes don’t look so appealing when they’re butt naked. That’s because they want the outfit to make them look good, not the other way around. Getting in better shape would improve the person's body and make even cheap clothes look good on them, but it’s a transformation many people can’t imagine for themselves.

When you’re genuinely impressive, the impressions you give to others are substantive because you’re putting in the work to be a better person. Your behavior and habits when other people aren’t around or aren’t looking are intentional and constructive. You’re mindful about not being distracted. You’re doing things to produce excellent outcomes that can’t be rightfully discredited or taken away from you.

And those are all reasons you should be training regularly. Working out gives you the practice and preparation you need to think and act substantively in other endeavors. It gives you a template for building and sustaining productive habits. Many have tried, but there’s no faking substance.

Sayonara until next time.

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