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Be A Star

Let’s think about stars today—you know, the giant balls of hydrogen we see in the night sky that seem never to stop shining. The thing about a good, healthy star is that it’s always making energy. As far as we know, a star has no consciousness, but if it did, it’d probably be thinking, "Man oh man, I feel great! What a life!" 

So, are you a star? Do you live like the sun, always active, producing, and radiating energy? Activity is the operating principle. For you to be a star, you need to be active. You can walk a little faster and do something each day that makes you break a sweat. Your mind needs to be active, too. Seek knowledge and think deeply. Even when you sleep deeply, your mind should produce dreams and sort information and memories. 

Being tired all the time is no fun and no way to live. Fatigue is a natural state for everyone at times—even those among us who are real stars—but it can fool us if we’re not mindful. If you’re always tired and always try to overcome it by resting more, you might be getting duped by fatigue. If you don’t produce energy, you won’t have it, and feeling tired all the time is a symptom of a habitual low-energy state. To be a star and radiate energy, you need to get up and move, get your blood circulating, and lift something. Do this consistently, and your energy will go up, not down. 

Sayonara until next time.

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